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2022 Disposable Plastic Food Dish Cover

1. Transparent Food Covers: The reusable food storage covers are designed in transparent. You can easily access the food you want to get and can see the fresh level without remove the stretch cover. More convenient to keep your food fresh
2. Elastic ring are suitable for containers of various shapes. High-quality materials are not easy to tear and can be reused. Suitable for high or low temperature environment
3. Important Advantages: This food covers for pies can help you solve these problems: The cling wrap is need to tear, the hard fresh-keeping cover does not match, the soft cover is not flexible enough, and the fresh-keeping box has insufficient space
4. Multi-purpose: you can choose these reusable bowl covers in gatherings or picnics to keep food fresh and use it to cover leftovers. Or you can cover the fruit and drink and refrigeration them in the refrigerator

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