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Color Mixing Tint Bowls

• LARGE CAPACITY: The plastic mixing bowl is large enough and durable for you. Don't worry about the hair dye overflowing. It is easy to use and can be reused. The hair color mixing bowl can be cleaned well by rinsing with water for several purposes.
• WASHABLE AND REUSABLE: No color reaction, mainly used for mixing hair dye or hair dye, easy to clean with rinse water, and brushes of different sizes and shapes are suitable for mixing and lubricating dyes.
• SUITABLE FOR: Very suitable for home decoration, salons, hairdressers, home hair coloring, hair highlights and keratin hair care. Such as long hair and short hair, curly or straight hair, it is ideally suited for everyday home decoration or a hair salon.
• HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Chemical resistance, heat resistance and antistatic, very suitable for mixing colors and hair colors. Is ideal for salon or home improvement.

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