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Disposable Salon Hair Coloring Highlighting cap

Simplify highlighting with the Hair Coloring Cap with Plastic Hook/Metal Hook. This special set is used in salons to create whole-head highlights with less mess. It includes a perforated hair highlighting cap and a hook tool. The cap is made from PEVA materials. The cap has a protective brim and a neck guard to prevent bleeding and a tie closure for secure wear use for long hair. And for the short hair ony with protective brim don’t need meck guard. The hook makes it easy to pull strands through the cap's perforations for even highlighting throughout; once your desired strands have been extricated, simply apply hair frosting and allow for processing. After your processing is completed, remove the disposable hair cap gently and shampoo as usual. Hair frosting products, developers and other hair coloring supplies are sold separately.

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