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Clean car Rim Wheel brushes(3 pack)

•【Premium Material】The wheel cleaning brush is made of polypropylene filament,stand up to any soap or cleaner that you use;
•【Powerful connection】The new and improved high-density bristle is safe for all sensitive surfaces, yet still durable enough to clean tough areas such as fender linings, brake calipers and deep inside the wheels
•【 Powerful Flexibility】Our wheel brushes is flexibility, brush head can be bent, easier to deep into hard-reach area;
•【Comfortable handle】is ergonomic,saving time and effort,making cleaning and srubbing time easier.The small hole at the end of handle is more convenient for preservation and hang to dry,making the brush last longer.
•【Wheel Woolies Wheel Brushess Kit】Three different sizes, Perfect for fitting into tight spaces, remove brake dust, oil, dirt, grime and other harmful debris from any surface;

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