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  • Why Winly is bound to be the name for the industry?

    Ningbo FTZ Winly Trading Service Co.,ltd is a professional agent and manufactory. Major in Hair brush,Car cleaning,Personal Care & Beauty,Disposable protect items these lines more than 15years.

  • The products are exported to Europe,United States,the Middle East,South America, North America,Asia and so on.
    We are the supplier of well-know brands such as L'Oreal,Turtle Wax,Goodyear etc.

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create a beautiful tomorrow

Our factory offers one step service for product design,mould open,production,inspection and package, can customized products based on client requirements.

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Our advantage

Our Trading department handle the order shipment directly by ourselves,familiar all process.
As new technologies disrupt the way consumers and businesses interact,we aim to expand the realm of what's possible and create more value for more players along the supply chain.

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We invite you to contact us for more information about WINLY products.
We look forward to hearing from you!

T: +86-574-86817662

M: +86-13806638779

E: pearl@winlyie.com

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